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Water Heaters

Water Heaters* - Prices Effective June 8th, 2021 (prices include tax) 
Ruud® High Efficiency 50 gallon - electric $648.98
Ruud® High Efficiency 50 gallon - gas to electric  $598.98
Marathon® High Efficiency 50 gallon - electric  $826.63
Marathon® High Efficiency 50 gallon - gas to electric $726.63
NEW HOME - Installing electric heat and electric water heater  **Contractor to provide installation FREE
NEW HEAT PLUS ACCOUNT - Gas to electric  **Free installation - additional charges may apply for materials and plumbing FREE

*Southwest Iowa REC will install these water heaters for the above costs. Carry-out is the same prices as above. The Cooperative will provide 3 hours labor and normal plumbing material to connect to your water lines. Any fuses, breakers and wiring will be at the member's expense.

**Rebates have been applied to the above member pricing.


2020 Water Heater Rebates 

45-55 gallon HE unit purchased elsewhere (Energy Factor minimum .95) $75
45-55 gallon Geothermal Assisted purchased elsewhere (E.F. > .95) $150
Heat Pump Water Heater - Add On (Energy Factor ≥ 2.00) $300
ENERGY STAR® Integrated Unit $650
Solar Water Heater (must have electric auxiliary tank) $350
Drainwater Heat Recovery Pipes** $450

**Must have electric water heater installed. Rebate may not exceed cost of system. 


Contact the Cooperative to get complete details about the water heater program and rebate qualifications. 

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